Offending command: setcolorspace

A PostScript error offending command setcolorspace points to a problem related to color separations.

I am aware of 3 instances in which this error can occur:

  • The error can pop up with some RIPs if a file contains 15 or more spot colors. Reducing the number of colors fixes the issue.
  • A setcolorspace error can occur when printing the testpage of Agfa Calibrator 4.01 (a by now outdated application) and setting the do tshape in the calibration setup to ‘Printers default’. Selecting a specific dot shape will solve the problem. This error also doesn’t occur in Calibrator 4.0.
  • The first version of the Agfa Taipan 3.1 RIP can generate a PostScript error ‘undefined’ offending command ‘setcolorspace’ when it has to use in-rip separation to process a PDF or PostScript file. There is a little PostScript file available from Agfa to solve this problem.

One thought on “Offending command: setcolorspace

  1. i am receiving limit check .. setcolorspace errors when attempting to RIP via Taipan 3.1

    how can i resolve this?

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