Offending command: setdash

The ‘Setdash’ command is used in PostScript to define how a line in a drawing or layout should be dashed. Problems with this command are pretty rare and may point to a bug in the software used to create drawings.


  • Try opening all EPS graphics from your page using the originating application and simply save the files again. After that update the links in the layout and try printing again. Saving in an older version (e.g. saving Illustrator 9 files in the Illustrator 8 format) may also get the job done.
  • Older versions of Pdfcrowd, an API to convert HTML to PDF, could generate a PostScript error rangecheck offending command setdash. This got fixed in a 2011 update.
  • You could also try deleting all dashed lines from the page and replacing them with fresh copies.

One thought on “Offending command: setdash

  1. I think, some interpreters of EPS and then those of PDF do not treat the command setdash as follows.
    Try to avoid this command, then both the Postscript and the resulting PDF are portable.

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