Offending command: setpattern

Setpattern is a PostScript level 2 operator. It defines that a specific pattern should be used as the current color in the graphics state. A postscript error, offending command setpattern point to a problem processing this operator.


  • If you are using a Xitron RIP (based on the Harlequin Scriptworks 5.3 interpreter), you might get rid of a ‘Configuration Error’ offending command ‘setpattern’ by turning off the ‘Recombine preseparated jobs’ settings.
  • I never tried this but maybe enforcing PostScript level 1 compatibility in the PostScript driver may also get around ‘setpattern’ errors.

One thought on “Offending command: setpattern

  1. Thanks. You solved a problem I’ve had for years. On certain (rare) jobs, our Harlequin would give the “setpattern” error when doing the composite proof (even though it would create separated plates just fine). I turned off “Recombine preseparated jobs” for the proofing page setup (in the RIP) and it works. Thank you.

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