PostScript error: syntaxerror

There is a syntax error in the PostScript data that are send to the RIP. This could mean, for instance, that an open or closing mark (for example, a bracket) is missing.


  • This error often occurs because of data corruption: print once more, print directly without using a spooler queue, check your driver settings or try some of the other tips from the PostScript troubleshooting page.
  • Maybe it is the application you use to print the file that doesn’t create correct PostScript code. Check whether there is an update available.
  • Also check whether the offending command is findfont. Click here for more information on this type of error.

Asura & placed PDF files
A PostScript error syntaxerror; OffendingCommand: / can pop up when generating a PDF from an InDesign document made up of placed PDFs. This can happen when a PDF file from Illustrator CS2 is passed through a OneVision Asura system and then placed in the InDesign document. Directly placing the Illustrator PDF gets around the error.

3 thoughts on “PostScript error: syntaxerror

  1. post script error %%[Error:Undefined;OffendingCommand:

    error at importing file ? how to solve it
    I make a package and again import still fails preflight

    this error is there at preflight from Adwatch

    1. settings r already done

      I want detail *DOC of ASURA and AdWatch
      I am not getting from NET

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