2021 – Prepress news

Early 2021 Adobe announced that its Creative Cloud applications like InDesign and Illustrator will stop support for Type 1 fonts in January 2023. In Photoshop support for type 1 fonts already ends in 2021. Given the dominance of Adobe in content creation, this means the Type 1 font format is effectively dead.

Esko closes the sale of its Kongsberg digital finishing business to private equity firm OpenGate Capital.

One-third of all the offset presses Heidelberg makes are now manufactured in its plant in Shanghai, China. It is not just indicative of the importance of the Chinese market but also of its increasing importance as a manufacturing hub.

Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104) is one of the two colors of the year.

Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647) is one of the two colors of the year.

These are some important or remarkable events from 2021:

  • Ever Given, on of the largest container ships in the world, runs aground in the Suez Canal and causes a major blockage.

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