Newsprint is a type of paper that is most commonly used to print newspapers as well as door-to-door advertising material and other types of publications. Newsprint mainly consists of groundwood (wood that is ground into a pulp without any additional purification), although  recycled fibers are increasingly being used as well.

Properties of newsprint

  • Newsprint is fairly cheap, especially compared to coated papers.
  • The paper can be used for 4-color CMYK printing. Its slightly yellow-grayish color cast does require the use of an adapted color separation algorithm.
  • For newspapers the total ink coverage is typically 240%. Special care has to be taken for using rich black in newsprint.
  • Dot gain can be fairly high because the paper absorbs the ink.
  • Newsprint doesn’t lend itself to long-term storage. Its color becomes even more yellow when it is exposed to sun light or air.