Historische Drukkerij Maastricht

Visitors of the Historical Printing Museum in Maastricht, The Netherlands, unfortunately, aren’t allowed to take photographs of the collection. That limited me to just this one shot of some type they had on display in the entrance.

Metal type at the historical printing museum in Maastricht
Instruction on the inside of a wooden box of type for a Kingsley Machine

The Kingsley Machine Company manufactures hot foil stamping machines, which are for instance used to add golden lettering to cards or napkins. The text is set on a type stick which is inserted in a machine with a heating element. The heat makes sure that the foil adheres to the substrate that it is pressed against. Below is a more detailed capture of the line holder on which the type is set.

Guidelines for using Kingsley type in a hot foil stamping machine
Instructions on the use of type sticks for a Kingsley machine

Thanks to the miracle of the internet I found a picture that shows the entire setup: type, line holders, manuals and in the middle the actual stamping machine.
A picture of a Kingsley Machine hot stamping press with type and line holders
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