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This dictionary covers graphic design, prepress and print terminology
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2-up, 4-up, 8-up, 12-up, 16-up,…

In prepress and printing these terms refers to the number of A4 or Letter-sized pages that can be put on a single film, printing plate or press sheet. For example a 4-up platesetter can image plates on which 4 pages are imposed. An 8-up device handles plates that are roughly twice as big. The largest possibility is 48-up since that is the maximum number of pages that the biggest presses can currently handle.

4-color printing

Printing in CMYK or full-color.

4/0  (4 over 0)

CMYK on the front of a document and no printing on the back .

4/1  (4 over 1)

CMYK on the front of a document and 1 color on the back. 4/K is sometimes used to specifically indicate that the back will be printed with black ink.

4/4 (4 over 4)

CMYK (full color) on the front and back of a document.