In graphic arts insert is a word that has multiple meanings, depending on the context in which it is used.

In design

An insert can refer text that has been added to a body of text. The noun can also refer to a small picture or other design element that is surrounded partly or completely by body type. Used as a verb insert refers to the act of adding text to some existing body of text during the editing process.

Translation from English

  • to Dutch (Nederlands): –
  • to French (Français): –
  • to German (Deutsch): die Einfügung

In printing

An insert refers to one or more printed pages which are placed into a separately printed publication. Inserts are commonly used for advertising in magazines, where they may be printed on a different type of paper. In book printing maps and foldouts can be added as inserts. In newspapers a single signature may be added as an insert. This is called a free-standing insert.

Translation from English

  • to Dutch (Nederlands): insteker
  • to French (Français): encart (m)
  • to German (Deutsch): die Beilage

In binding and finishing

An insert refers to a printed signature which has another signature wrapped around it.

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