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December 2007

The poll

Which file format do you use for images?

Read magazines on your computer screen?

I am a big fan of e-books, having read thousands of pages on the screen of my Palm. Currently I am enjoying ‘Imperium’, a novel about Cicero, the Roman orator and statesman. Even though I feel comfortable reading from a screen, I prefer paper for anything that was actually designed to be printed on machine coated stock. That’s what makes me so curious if Zinio will ever become a big success. At least they offer competitive pricing. It is very tempting to see that Popular Photography is available electronically at less than a third of its regular price.

Press release

From 3 December onwards, this site teams up with Here is our press release about this alliance:

The Internet can be an incredible but unwieldy source of information. Joe Cannon and Jeremy Robinson, the driving forces behind B4Print Forums, and Laurens Leurs, creator of, are now joining forces to offer the graphic arts community a compelling environment to find and share information.

B4Print is already the favorite stake-out of many prepress professionals who regularly visit its many forums. From 3 December onwards this site will be extended with a new portal page which offers the latest news on design, prepress and printing. A blog will be added in the next few weeks. has for the past 10 years been the last resort for many desperate prepress operators, looking for information on PostScript, PDF, JDF and other technologies. Recently the site got a major overhaul, adding the ability to allow visitors to extend the 400+ pages of information that are available.

Both sites will remain separate entities but the teams will join forces to offer visitors the latest news, tips and tricks as well as solutions to the challenges that we all face getting jobs to press. By combining the dynamics of a forum with a news portal and a large comprehensive site, Joe, Jeremy and Laurens hope to gradually create an environment that offers the prepress community the most complete vendor independent source of information on the web.


Print is dead?

I don’t think so but on the other hand I am a firm believer in Amara’s Law: “We tend to overestimate the short-term impact of technological change and underestimate its long-term impact.” Here is another of those doomsday scenario’s which is definately worth a read .

November 2007

The poll

Quality, cost, speed – pick any two

Prepress Pete


For some reason I never paid much attention to blogs. Ever since this site was rebuilt using WordPress, a blogging platform, I have been getting into the phenomenon. Lately I stumbled upon Nergalicious, which is an interesting blog. Lifeofprint is fairly new but looks promising. I also quite like Notes on design, which is more geared towards the creative crowd. The Printisdead blog seems to combine a blog and MP3 excepts from the book. Since I love podcasts and books, I am looking forward to the experience! [UPDATE: all of these sites are no longer active and I removed the links]

October 2007

The poll

Your take on the Pantone GOE system?

Random thought

Have you ever seen someone read a newspaper in a science fiction movie?

September 2007

The poll

The best PDF image compression settings

August 2007

Major overhaul

In August 2007, the Prepressure site migrated from a static HTML-design to a more modern database driven system. It uses WordPress 2.2.3, an open source blogging system which also has basic CMS capabilities.

The poll

What is your favorite layout application?


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