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December 2014

Poll: How to specify paper sizes

The results can be found on this page.

September 2014

Interest is waning

I’ve been neglecting my site the past few months. The number of visitors has declined sharply in recent years, but that cannot be attributed solely to poor site maintenance. Google has a nice trends tool that shows how popular search terms are. Below is the graph for the keyword ‘prepress’ – which peaked in 2004 and has seen a gradual decline ever since. Other terms like ‘offset printing’ show similar results. Searches for ‘postscript’ are now almost non-existent but ‘PDF’ is still getting more popular.
Interest in prepress from 2004 to 2013
The Google tool also shows how the interest in printing related searches is shifting geographically. While searches from the US-dominated at the beginning of the century, India has now taken over that role.

August 2014

Prepress Pete is tweeting

Most websites of printers are also like this –

March 2014

More memory

Clients from hell is often funny as hell.

“I tried downloading more RAM, but now my computer won’t work.”

February 2014

Prepress Pete is tweeting

Saw a #web2print tweet on creating ‘a printready PDF file compatible with RGB and CMYK color printing’. We better stock up on RGB inks NOW!

January 2014

The color of the year

Radiant Orchid (Pantone 18-3224) is the color of the year.

Since 2000 Pantone annually declares a particular color ‘Color of the Year’. I’ve added this little trivia fact to the pages on the history of prepress.

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