This page provides links to some prepress and printing related fun stuff as well as a few personal favorites that are not graphic arts related.


Over the years I have collected amusing stories and jokes about graphic arts. Click the links to have fun with:

Pictures from printing museums

I always enjoy museums, especially if they have something to do with printing. The following museums are in my vicinity and allow photography:

Publishing as it should work

Carl Barks was a famous Disney cartoonist and the creator of Scrooge McDuck. His cartoon below was published in the ‘San Jacinto Valley Register’ newspaper in October 1948.

From editor to printed newspaper

… and some other stuff

If you are a techno geek as well as a Start Trek fan (does this combination even exist?), let me beam you up to this classic Star Trek joke.

… or you may like some of my favorite (rude) jokes?

One thought on “Fun

  1. This is a cool idea. I think I can use some of these stories for email’s to my customers. Thanks.

    I hope that is alright. I’ll poll my employees to see if we can come up with some stories from our 30+ years in business and share with you.

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