PostScript error: rangecheck

A PostScript error: rangecheck is a very generic message that seems to occur rather frequently. It indicates that the RIP tries to process a value that is too small or large. This can, for instance, happen when you accidentally ask for an output size that is larger than what the output device supports.

These are some of the reasons why a rangecheck error pops up:

  • Page or flat is too large / wrong paper tray – This error can be caused by the operator trying to print a page that is too large for the imagesetter or CtP device. Some laster printers don’t allow explicit paper tray selection and generate a rangecheck error if a wrong cassette is selected. Sometimes the ‘offending command’ points to the problem, as in the error message error: rangecheck,offending command: lettertray.
  • A path is too long – Mark VanBuren from The Shelby Star was kind enough to report that long path names of embedded images can also lead to rangecheck errors. Try sticking to short names for folders and don’t bury folders too deep in other folders.
  • PageMaker 6.5 can cause this error – PageMaker 6.5 can also cause rangecheck errors when printing with the ‘Manage Composites on Printer’ option selected in the CMS Preferences dialog box, or exporting to PDF with the CIE output color model selected. PageMaker 6.52 no longer generates the error under these conditions.

Other commands

There are several commands that can cause rangecheck PostScript errors. Click on a specific offending command to get a more detailed error description: colorimage, filter, get, getinterval, image, imagemask, makeblendedfont, put, show.

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  1. /rangecheck error indicates a wide range of problems, when a numeric parameter goes out of the correct range. Little else can be determined without a sample file.

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